Born in queens, raised on Long Island, Nick has a love for both the city and the suburbs. You can catch Nick fishing on a weekend, playing softball or going out to eat at his favorite steakhouse. He is sociable, friendly, and strives for excellence.

Although he was raised in the church, it wasn’t until around the age of 14 that he willingly gave his life to The Lord. Later in his teenage life till around 22 years old, Nick faced many mountains. From living in sin, to depression, and experimenting with things of the world, Nick let his relationship with God come to a pause. It wasn’t until he attended a service at East Gate Church, where God stepped in and radically turned his life around. He now knows his purpose is to serve and spread God’s love to those who feel lost and alone. To show the ones who feel hopeless, forgotten, ashamed, or unworthy of the true meaning of God’s purpose for us. He has a passion to serve the community of East Gate and create an atmosphere for God’s presence to move in people’s lives.
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